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Friends of Patrington Church

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce the re kindling of the Friends of Patrington Church, for the purpose of supporting the continuation of St. Patricks Church. Our original Friends organisation was formed in 1977 stating its charitable objects adopted by amendment on November 28th, 1978, as:

The preservation and adornment of Patrington Parish Church and the general maintenance of the church its activities and services, its ornaments and furnishings; to promote the public interest in the church.

We have now appointed and registered six Trustees with the Charity Commission (No.507331) who will be initiating fund raising events in the New year.

St. Patricks Church is a highly acclaimed architecturally and is rightly known as The Queen of Holderness, highlighted by Simon Jenkins for its unique English Gothic Architecture in his book England’s Thousand Best Churches.

However, to maintain this almost Cathedral styled church in a small village location we must raise funds on a continuous basis. The PCC has successfully secured grants for major repairs in the past, but no grant ever covers all the costs incurred, leaving the balance to be raised either from parishioners or limited church funds.

We therefore need your help to take care of this iconic 14th century building to maintain its historic beauty for future generations to admire and enjoy.

Friends members of the church, and everyone who supports both the ministry of the church, and the upkeep of the building would be very grateful if you would please join us by completing the standing order at the bottom of the page.

Thank You 

Malcolm Watkinson 





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