Forthcoming events


St. Patrick's Social events 2021

We cannot hold any social events whilst government restrictions remain in place.  We are planning for future events, which will be publicised as soon as restrictions are lifted. 


South Holderness Deanery events 2021

None notified at present.


Events in pictures - unfortunately historic at present

Christmas Market 2019



Scarecrow Weekend 2019

Hope he doesn't scare the congregation...

A Building Management Group member after a hard day in the tower...

Verger and assistant vigilant for crows...

Parish Lunch in 2019

Catering Ladies (and William) enjoying their lunch

Finishing an enjoyable meal.

Before the card game.

Summer Soiree 2019

Display of vestments in the sanctuary

Good music...

Good company and good wine...

We've found the right Facebook page!

Musicians enjoying a rest (the autofocus is fuzzy, not the photographer!)


Cream Teas and Art Exhibition 2019

Enjoying teas...

Tombola stall

Busy ladies in the kitchen!

Admiring the artwork

Larry the artist, with one of his works

Visitors enjoying the exhibition



Pentecost 2019 Holy Communion with Rt. Rev. Alison White, Bishop of Hull.

Bishop Alison, Rev. Carol and Christine share a joke.

Clergy smiling after an enjoyable service.


Bishop Alison with church members enjoying coffee, cakes and fellowship.



Christmas Market 2018

Christmas Market - you 'd expect a Christmas tree!

Edith and Noel between sales

Three nice ladies

Hardworking refreshments ladies keeping us sustained with soup, cakes, teas and coffee

Laraine and Angela enjoying a joke 


Flower Festival 2018 

At the Cheese and Wine preview.Good music......and singingHand knitted and sewn - red for the fallen, purple for the animals who served, white for peace:  we will remember them!  One of the exhibits.  We are very grateful to all those who made such beautiful arrangements and so many interesting displays.Four ladies enjoying the Festival on Sunday.