Tree Carvings

History of Tree Carvings


Title 2 The Deers Cry 

Text 1 St.Patricks Breastplate    Text 2

The 150 year old Ash Tree was condemned as being unsafe by ERYC and cut down by specialists  to a height of 2 meters with the iintention of the " stumps " being carved at future date.

In February 2018 the PCC approved the principle that the church should involve the school children of Patrington Primary Academy in the designs of the carvings .

Reverend Carol and our appointed tree carver Allen Stichler went to the school to talk to the children and involved them in the project.The story of THE DEERS CRY also known as the breastplate of St.Patrick or the Lorica was explained by the Reverend Carol.

The  Deers Cry .During St.Patricks travels he became aware of an intended ambush on him and his followers.It was during this march that they chanted the sacred Lorica or Deers Cry.As the druids lay in hiding they only saw a deer and 20 fawns .St.Patrick and his followers passed in safety .

This is why the deer is central to the carvings.