• Ascension...Pentecost...Trinity...who knows? 

    Easter has come and gone and so has Ascension Day, two of the greatest Christian festivals. We're still in lockdown and latest information is that this will continue well past Pentecost (31 May).  The earliest date for churches reopening we understand to be 4 July and the extent of the repoening is uncertain, but it definitely will not mean an immediate resumption of normal church life.

    Ascension Day commemorates the Christian belief of Jesus' ascending bodily into Heaven. It is one of the universally celebrated feasts of Christian churches, ranking with the feasts of the Passion, Easter and Pentecost.  Ascension Day is traditionally celebrated on a Thursday, the fortieth day of Easter Our prayers that day ask that we too may in heart and mind ascend; and we now wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost to guide, strengthen and exalt us - surely very necessary in these difficult and uncertain times..        



    Our church buildings are locked and silent, as the Archbishops have directed (there are digital services available - please see the Diocesan website - www.dioceseofyork.org.uk for details) but we cannot at present share our personal love and fellowship in the accustomed and traditional way; and nor can we welcome you into St. Patrick's to participate in worship, or to pray privately, or to wonder at the beauty and artistry of our lovely building.  Whether you feel the government and the Archbishops have over-reacted or you feel they are only taking sensible precautions is not a matter for debate here:  what we do assure you of is that St. Patrick's people are still praying, still loving and still here - we just cannot show it as usual.

    Our very best wishes to all who visit our website.  May you and yours be safe from Covid19 (or if contracted quickly recover) or any other illness or anxiety affecting you bodily, mentally or spiritually.  We pray that we will be able to resume our usual Christian activity in weeks rather than months.


    ... and money.

    Like other charities, St. Patrick's is badly affected by lockdown.  We cannot hold church services or events and are reliant upon donations from church members and the local community.  Whilst the church may reopen for limited purposes on 4 July, we will still not be able to resume our normal activities whilst social distancing requirements remain.  I estimate this will mean we will lose around £10,000 (35%) of our usual income in 2020 (and I hope the lockdown does not persist into 2021!). We can survive this as we do have some reserves, but those reserves are earmarked to go part of the way to financing the £400,000 of repairs we need to carry out over the next couple of years.

    As we are not (like much of our community) open for business and hence not receiving donations other than direct to our bank, may I ask all our congregation and supporters to set aside donations they would normally have made until we reopen, but ONLY if this can be done without adverse impact on yourself and your family.  If you can increase your support, this would be very helpful in current circumstances.  Should you find it more convenient to donate direct to the church's Barclays Bank account, the sort code is 20-43-47, account name is PCC of Patrington, and account number 30707988.  Please, though, provide a transaction description so I know who is making the donation. 

    Michael Price, PCC Treasurer.


    Some good news...

    The Bishop of Hull has informed us that the Rev. Alisdair Laird has been appointed to the incumbency of the benefice which includes St. Patrick's.  He cannot take up his duties whilst the Covid19 restrictions remain in place, but now we do know we will have an incumbent in the benefice as soon as normality resumes.  We have a message from Alasdair and his wife Ann:-

    Hello, we are certainly all living in 'interesting times' and it isn't clear yet when we will actually get to meet! Ann and I will have to wait to get to know about you, but here is a very little bit about us.

    Ann is originally from Hampshire, but has been living in the East Riding for many years; she has always worked for the NHS, in many different aspects of nursing. I am a Kiwi and, although Kiwi's famously do not fly, once in a while I still manage to get back to the other side of the planet to catch up with family and friends. Britain has now been home to me for over thirty-five years. For the last eleven years I have been working as part of the chaplaincy team at Castle Hill and Hull Royal Infirmary. Before that I worked for fifteen years as a member of clergy for the Church of England. At various times I have also worked as a 'restorative justice' family counsellor for Hull City Council, a prison chaplain, and a 'house parent' in a refuge for teenage runaways, run by the Auckland City Mission (NZ) - now that is going back a while! Somewhere in amongst all that I worked in the City of London for various banks, where I failed to earn a lot of money.

    All our children are grown and flown, but Ann and I both enjoy getting out and about, often with Bobby the Springer Spaniel, sharing the house with two cats, looking after the garden, and learning, bit by bit, about answering Jesus' call to: "Follow me!". 

    The godly qualities amongst you that have grown and deepened over recent months, enabling you to care for each other and serve in your communities with enthusiasm are, no doubt, serving you well now, at a time when the practice of love towards neighbours - especially in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty - is essential.

    Bless you and may God's peace be with you. We very much look forward to joining you all - hopefully before too much longer!

    Alisdair & Ann.

    We do not yet have a date for Alisdair taking up his mission at St. Patrick's - it will be publicised as soon as we do!


     Welcome to St. Patrick's.

    The church is open daily from around 9am to 5pm, or until dusk if earlier.

    Access for ambulatory visitors from the car park on High Street is up the steps between the handrails and direct to the north porch.  Wheelchair users' access is through the gap in the east wall of the car park, through the lychgate and again to the north porch. There is a ramp for wheelchairs just inside the porch to help negotiate the entry step.

    Entry to the church from Church Lane, to the south of the church, is via the kissing gates and the paths leading to the north of the church.  These routes are not accessible to wheelchair users.  There are some areas of the churchyard cordoned off for safety reasons pending attention from the Patrington Parish Council, who are responsible for churchyard maintenance.

    If you are interested in exploring our beautiful church but do not wish to participate in a church service, we respectfully suggest you avoid service times (shown in the calendar).

    If you would like to organise a group visit, please contact the PCC Secretary in advance, so that clashes with other visits or activities are avoided.  We advise that a group visit covering the whole of the church will take a minimum of two hours, three hours if a tower tour is included.

    We do have a toilet, but unfortunately space and access constraints mean it is not suitable for people with disabilities.  It is available for church services, all church events, organised parties and whenever the church is stewarded.  It is NOT available for use by casual visitors other than by prior arrangement with one of the Church officers.      

     Safeguarding vulnerable people.

    St. Patrick's Church takes very seriously our duty to safeguard vulnerable people.  More information is available from the PCC's Safeguarding Officer (see the "Contact us" page) or from the Diocese of York at https://dioceseofyork.org.uk/safeguarding.

     Our Conservation Management Plan.

    We began preparing our Conservation Management Plan (essential for all Major Parish Churches)  in March 2019 and began community consultations at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 30 April 2019.  Results from a local questionnaire indicated responders would like to see more major events in church.  An inital draft of the Plan was adopted formally by the Parochial Church Council in September 2019.

    The PCC has agreed to progress the priorities defined by Purcell Architecture Ltd. and is discussing where we go from here with other national and regional stakeholders and partners - essential when looking at the future of a Grade 1 Listed Building nationally recognised for its quality and heritage value.  

    We'll provide more information to (and want views and help from!) our local community, supporters and friends as events unfold and our plans for the future of our lovely Church crystallise. This may seem to be taking a long time, but dealing with reordering and enhancing such an important heritage building (plus the major repairs which are necessary over the next few years) isn't straightforward.

    If you would like to read the CMP, it is available by email from the Project Manager, Michael Price (michaelgprice@btinternet.com).  As it runs to 104 pages and has many colour photographs and illustrations, we cannot provide paper copies.


    We now have a Facebook page -  St Patricks Church Patrington - authentic page  - to keep everyone in touch.  The title is a bit longwinded as there were already other pages about the church which aren't ours.  If you like what you see, whether on Facebook or on this website, please tell your friends.  Better still, come and visit our lovely church - visitors always welcome, but if you want to see it all, it will take a couple of hours.  


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